Monday, September 6, 2010

Facebook application needed

Client need an experienced Facebook application developer to create a new app. The concept of the app is around offers/surveys completion to trigger virtual currencies. The concept of the app is around offers/surveys completion to trigger virtual currencies.

I - User interface :

1) A user control panel visible directly on app homepage:
- allows users to see history of their completed surveys/offers.
- shows the number of VC's triggered by their surveys/offers.
- shows the number of invited friends.
- shows the amount of VC's triggered by invited friends.
- shows a ranking of VC's triggered among friends. (and if possible among all app users)
- shows a ranking of number of friends invited by other friends. (and if possible by all app users)
- Total VC's triggered by a user + VC's triggered by his invited friends users (and so on if possible) = a score that gives him a ranking.

2) A page/tab/page part that states weekly and monthly VC's triggered by all users.
- this should also be able to list triggered VC's for each beneficiary (see what beneficiaries are below)

3) NO "redeem price" tab/option : VC's triggered by the offers have another goal. We'll share this with the chosen worker.

4) A "beneficiary" tab/option :
- lets the user choose the beneficiary of his VC.
- User has to choose the beneficiary of the VC before he completes offers.
- at each new offer completion, he can choose a different beneficiary.
- he can choose among already available beneficiaries.
- He can create a new beneficiary. As of now, my thoughts are to limit the creation of a new beneficiary to a predefined database. However, I see advantages not to do so. We'll discuss this matter with the worker's suggestions.
- ability to 'like' benericiaries
- user is able to browse beneficiaries. Beneficiaries that will have a description attached to them. From the beneficiary page, users will be able to start completing offers/surveys whose VC's will be destinated to the beneficiary in question.

5) Integration of the offers :
- it could basically look like the app from a link for above.(for the offers page only)
- shows the amount of VC's triggered by each action.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

RSS into Wordpress and into Facebook

Client need a script able to read many RSS feed from a csv file (for example), take into mysql all fields categorized and tagged. After this data acquisition, the same script or another (maybe another for a clean programming) must post into a wordpress website (posts with categories and tags) and contemporary into a facebook page (this last feature is possible to automatize by facebook functions).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

120k Facebook Fans

We seek to add 120,000 Fans (60k fans per month for 2 months) to our existing Facebook page using only good practices for inviting fans. It is imperative our page not be flagged or banned and that fans be added by going to our artist Facebook page and select “Like” button.

• Fans must be real / unique people with active Facebook pages at least 30 days old
• Fans must have a minimum of 20 friends on Facebook page
• Fans must have profile picture and minimum 3 photos on Facebook page
• Fans must have status updates on page going back a minimum of 2 weeks
• 60% must be USA Fans
• 40% can be mix of Canada, UK, Australia and Europe Fans


• Total 120k fans added. 60k Fans per month for 2 months
• Accepted bid will be placed in escrow.
• A portion of funds to be released every 10 days upon proof of 20k fan additions.
• Excel report with each fan URL must be provided as proof.

• Example of previous URLS of Fan pages with similar work accomplished. Would like to see a few FB pages you have done.
• Brief explanation on how fans will be acquired

Apply on GAF

Targeted Facebook Fans Need

We would like to increase our fans on Facebook. The Fans must be from Illinois and from list of cities.


* All fans must be real accounts
* All fans must be active accounts with 20 friends or more
* All the FANS should be from USA and reside within 10 miles of Harrison, NY
* You must not add fans in a way that will get the page banned or suspended-white hat methods only.
* If account is suspended you will not be paid
* Fans must be added within 20 days

Please include with your bid:

* Price per 1000
* Date of delivery
* URLS with examples of previous Facebook fan page

Please use only good practices for inviting fans (Facebook account must not be banned for your actions and kept active). You will not be paid if the Facebook account is banned/deleted.