Monday, September 6, 2010

Facebook application needed

Client need an experienced Facebook application developer to create a new app. The concept of the app is around offers/surveys completion to trigger virtual currencies. The concept of the app is around offers/surveys completion to trigger virtual currencies.

I - User interface :

1) A user control panel visible directly on app homepage:
- allows users to see history of their completed surveys/offers.
- shows the number of VC's triggered by their surveys/offers.
- shows the number of invited friends.
- shows the amount of VC's triggered by invited friends.
- shows a ranking of VC's triggered among friends. (and if possible among all app users)
- shows a ranking of number of friends invited by other friends. (and if possible by all app users)
- Total VC's triggered by a user + VC's triggered by his invited friends users (and so on if possible) = a score that gives him a ranking.

2) A page/tab/page part that states weekly and monthly VC's triggered by all users.
- this should also be able to list triggered VC's for each beneficiary (see what beneficiaries are below)

3) NO "redeem price" tab/option : VC's triggered by the offers have another goal. We'll share this with the chosen worker.

4) A "beneficiary" tab/option :
- lets the user choose the beneficiary of his VC.
- User has to choose the beneficiary of the VC before he completes offers.
- at each new offer completion, he can choose a different beneficiary.
- he can choose among already available beneficiaries.
- He can create a new beneficiary. As of now, my thoughts are to limit the creation of a new beneficiary to a predefined database. However, I see advantages not to do so. We'll discuss this matter with the worker's suggestions.
- ability to 'like' benericiaries
- user is able to browse beneficiaries. Beneficiaries that will have a description attached to them. From the beneficiary page, users will be able to start completing offers/surveys whose VC's will be destinated to the beneficiary in question.

5) Integration of the offers :
- it could basically look like the app from a link for above.(for the offers page only)
- shows the amount of VC's triggered by each action.

- ability to sort the offers. (surveys, downloads, zip submit etc)
- shows the requirement of the offers. (either through a mouse-over window, or below each offer)
- IMPORTANT : the example app I gave has the ability to say if a survey has been completed or not.
- ability to provide users with offers targeting their country. Some offers are only available to some countries. At best, the app should be capable to detect the user geographic area to adress him availabled offers in his country.
- IMPORTANT : the example app above only allows one ad network to be placed in the app. Client needs to be able to add several ad networks in the same app. Thus, users will see offers/surveys from several networks. To start with, he'll provide the worker several ad networks he want to use. Plus, client should be able to add more ad networks offers on the fly.

6) Virality
- Invite friends button
- "Bookmark" and "Become A Fan' buttons/option"
- like buttons
- each completed survey/offer will result in an update posted on the user wall.
- The update will look something like this : "Example User has completed a free survey and gave X VC's to
the beneficiary A."
- This update will have a picture in it. Each beneficiary will have a different picture.
- Update text will be the same for all beneficiaries, except for one. So, in total, we'll have 2 different
update text.
- A link to the app with a call to action text will also be part of wall updates.
- button that says something like : "you too, give beneficiary A some VC's
- another button that says something like : "or give Vc's to another beneficiary of your choice"
- An update message will also be created each week, and month, whith the ranking of the user.
- I'm open to worker expererience to suggest other virality functions I'm not aware of.

7) A FAQ tab that client will write

8) Pages for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
9) A forum. (or if it's better, we'll leave the forum in the FB page he'll create)

II- Admin interface

1) He needs to able to choose which add appear on the app. (instead of all offers/surveys a network has to provide

2) a stat page with users listing (with same information as user control panel)
- shows the number of actions completed
- shows the VC's triggered
- shows the number of friends invited
- shows the total VC's triggered by his friend
- shows his total score
- either all users on one page, or users on multiple, paginated pages.

3) Search feature to look for users by their facebook ID.


1) the different app pages should load quickly. When possible, and if this trigger no negative effects, I'd like the app to load with Ajax or similar.

2) the app has to be cross-browser compatible. Client don't care about old IE versions but I'd like the app to run on major browsers : Firefox, lastest versions of IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

3) the app should be able to update offers/survey statistics every 30 seconds or on page loads.

4) The general design has to be clean and serious. The theme of the app, which I disclose to the chosen worker, requires that.

5) A logo is provided for the app header and icons.

6) Client will host the app himself.

7) You'll install the app on the server.

8) You'll provide support 3 months after the app is released to fix bugs.

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